CTRLCap - Starter Kit

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CTRLCAP is a replacement cap for any of your faders.

Taking off the cap of any of your fader, and replacing it with a CTRLCAP is a very simple process that will give you super powers.

You can place it anywhere you want : your cross fader, line, turntable pitch, midi controller, ... as long as it has faders. We design it to fit on 4mm and 8mm shaft, that means pretty much all of them. If you have a doubt about a particular mixer or usage, just ask us using the live chat in the lower right corner of the website.

The CTRLCAP will measure and send wirelessly the pressure you apply on it. This information will be turn into MIDI controls you can map in your favorite software to any parameters. As it's midi you can even use it to control other things such as stage lights, videos, ... 

The CTRLCAP is able to send multiple MIDI controls simultaneously. That means you can control multiple parameters (ie : filter and echo; light and beat-repeat; ...) with the same pinch. As every parameters need it's own range, the super easy companion app will let you design each controls.

You can use up to 3 CTRLCAP with the same usb receiver.

As the CTRLCAP will live on your mixer, we use a reversible USB-C plug to charge it, so you'll never have to search how to connect it. Plus we use cutting edge energy saving strategies so it will last more then 5 hours of intensive use without needing a charge.


The starter pack contains :

  • one CTRLCAP
  • one USB Receiver
  • one USB-A / USB-C cable (for charge)

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