About us

We are HLO, a start-up run by the guys from Herrmutt Lobby.

We're from Belgium.

We've made electronic music for over two decades, always pushing the envelope.

Our 3 core principles are:

  • Real-Time
  • Expressivity
  • Systemic

 Empowering real-time electronic musicians has been our motto since day 1. Now, we are working to enhance your live performances! 

The idea for the CTRLCAP came out of various concepts elaborated over years of r&d but the first proof of concept was built during the Music Tech Fest 2014 in London where we won a prize for a modified ps3 controller. After two years of research and engineering, we're proud to now unleash it on the world. 

To discover the other amazing things we do, check our main website : www.herrmuttlobby.com