The cap you squeeze
to control FX

What DJs are saying?

Squeeze the magic out!

Squeeze the magic out!

Ever tried to add FX while scratching without breaking your flow? With both hands busy controlling the fader and the record, it's pretty much mission impossible...
Unless you own a CTRLCap.

With its cutting edge technology, CTRLCAP adds an expressive touch to your fingertips!

(Don't be shy...) Pinch it lightly or squeeze it firmly to send expressive midi signals to your FX, stage lights... you name it.

Replace your dead plastic fader cap with a CTRLCAP and go to the next level.

I want one !


  • Easy To Install On Any Mixer

    No tools required!
    Replace your old cap with CTRLCAP, connect the usb dongle and voilà!

  • Ultra Low Latency Wireless Connection

    Wireless connection with ultra low latency (below 1 ms). No jitter. Always in time!

  • Long-Lasting Battery Life

    Enough power for a non-stop 8 hours mix. Long may you run!

  • Great Compatibility

    Serato, Traktor, Ableton Live, ... you name it. Works with any software that supports MIDI. Even to control video or lights.

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What size is the CTRLCAP?

24*14*18mm standard form factor

Small but packed with super powers.

How long will it last on a single charge?

CTRLCAP is tiny, yet powerful. You can mix for over 8 hours on a single charge.

Wireless? But what about latency?

Latency is the time between the control and the audio result in your speaker. We used the most recent wireless radio innovations to get a sub-millisecond latency wireless link for normal environnement. In places with lots of radio noise this can get up to 2 ms top.

What can i control with CTRLCAP?

CTRLCAP sends MIDI. So it's completely Plug'n'Play. You don't need to install any driver to use it. You can map signals coming from the CTRLCAP to any parameter of your Music, DJ, Video, or even Lighting software. You can even use it with your smartphone.

How do i connect CTRLCAP?

Plug the USB dongle in an available USB port. Swap your old plastic cap for the CTRLCAP and you're all set.

Will it work with my mixer?

CTRLCAP is designed to work on both 4mm and 8mm shaft crossfaders.

It fits perfectly on Innofader, Pro x-fade, Rane and Pioneer faders

If you have a doubt or would like to use it with another fader, ask our support team by using the chat or dropping us a line.

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy.

Can i use multiple CTRLCap?

With a single dongle you can use up to 3 CTRLCAPs.
And if you want to use more, you can always plug in an extra dongle for 3 more :)
You can order CTRLCAP without the dongle if you already have one.

What's the radio range?

For the best results, the CTRLCAP should be within a 3 meter (~10 feet) radius of the dongle.